Screen Printing – let’s lay down some ink

Screen printing, or silk screening or silk screen printing, is an ancient method of decoration. The equipment may have changed since it’s first used 200 years ago in China, but the basic technique remains the same.

Screen printing is not just constrained to garments either, a wide range of substrates or materials can be printed on to. If you have an unusual project in mind, let us know you may be surprised at our answer.

However, garments is what most people associate screen printing with and that is mainly what we do. We use Permaset Aqua waterbased inks for all our printing. Waterbased inks provide excellent quality results with a very soft ‘hand feel’, in other words the print feels like part of the fabric especially on light coloured garments. The other great thing about Permaset is that it is Eco Friendly containing no solvents. You can get a little more about these inks and the colours available here

Screen printing is not suitable for every decoration job and this is something we can advise you on when you contact us. It is great for t-shirts though and this is the majority of our printing work. Whether you want your business logo printed to get your brand out there or some merchandise for your band or club, we can help you out.

If you are looking to get some apparel decorated head over to our quote page and we’ll get the ball rolling. Let us know what it is you want printed and on what and we will get you a price within 24 hours.